Monday, September 19, 2011

Allow me to Introduce Myself

I'm a geek and a Youth Services Programmer for the Library.

They work together really well, and you know why?

Kids are geeks. Or geeks are over grown kids. I haven't figured out which it is. All I know is that, like any self-respecting geek, kids unabashedly love superheroes, games, swordfighting, explosions, dragons, role-playing, cosplaying...the list goes on.

The Library has always been a safe place for geeks. It's free from that dastardly thing called sunlight and there are books on every subject imaginable. Geeks are always wondering, "Am I alone in liking that?" No matter how obscure, ofcourse there is a book on the subject.

My hope for this blog is to show the bridge between little-geek to normal-sized geek. The best children's books for your little geeks. Gateway drugs for your young adult geeks. For the adult geeks, those gems that are far more interesting to read than anything your average book club is making you read, because they remembered to include: superheroes, swordfighting, explosions, dragons, zombies, unicorns and the like.

And before we get into the geek, nerd, dork argument, I'm going to say right here that I don't identify myself as a "geek" because of any definition on the internet, but rather because it rhymes with "chic."

So I can call myself "geek chic."

Because I am, dammit. Think of a typical geek girl. Okay, I'm her, but I'm geek chic. Fill that in how you may, it softens the blow to my ego.

The term "geek chic" has helped me deal with the fact that I am a geek for a while now. Not that people couldn't tell I was a complete geek/nerd/dork my whole life, but I figured if I didn't confirm it I had a chance of people thinking I was normal. The thought of going to a con made me hyperventilate a bit. "Then everyone would KNOW I'm a geek."

I don't try to hide it (as much) anymore. I am what I am. A Bruce Campbell -loving, genre-fiction reading, talking-t-shirt wearing, internet-addicted geek.

But I'm totally "chic" about it.

Interesting side note, I only saw the word "chic" written in "Seventeen" magazine as a girl, so I thought it was "chick." So during the bell-bottom resurgence of Middle School years, I was certain I was "tres' hippy chick."


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