Saturday, September 6, 2014

Wedding Details: The Cake (and everything that comes with it)

We're coming up on a year after my wedding. I had always meant to share some of the little details that we cooked up for the ceremony, and now seems about right.

Here's our cake:
It's from Wedding Wonderland Cakes in Florissant, MO. We talked to Al about a couple different designs before deciding on this one. I loved the look of their "Mad Hatter" cakes, and I wanted something that showed our geeky side. We talked about a lot of different options, but we ultimately decided on our starry-nebula cake.
Everyone wants a one of a kind cake, and I literally could not find a cake quite like this one anywhere.  This was the reference I used:

I can't find anyone to credit it to. If you know the creator of this really cool cake, please let me know. Still, I love the design that Wedding Wonderland Cakes came up with. I wasn't going to go with the Mad Hatter style when we decided on this design, but all said he'd used the different sizes to highlight different nebulas, and I love the result. (Sidenote: Al was part of team blue, that just one "Next Great Baker" on TLC!)

The Toppers:

Aren't they so CUTE!! These are from etsy store MyCustomCakeTopper. I love all her adorable designs, but I thought these little robots were just perfect for our Nebula cake. She customized the colors, my little top hat, and gave us both glasses. She was great to work with, and I recommend her to anyone.

The Cake Utensils:

We found this tutorial for making Lightsaber cake knives at offbeatbride. We took it a step further, and made the cake server handle a Sonic Screwdriver. My dad did this for us, so I only only kind of know how he did it, but I know he used the Make your Own Sonic Screwdriver kit. If I get a lot of requests on how he did it, I'll bug him for his secrets.

So that's the cake table! I'll try to do a few more posts about some of my other favorite vendors because I love to give some love to people who worked hard!

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